International Car Shipping Checklist

International Car Shipping Checklist

Car Shipping Checklist for Safe, Affordable Delivery

Whether moving or selling your automobile, car shipping gives you an opportunity to transport your car to another location without having to drive it personally. Cars are usually transported by truck or ship (for overseas delivery). Use the car shipping checklist below to ensure a safe delivery for your vehicle.

1. Compare Prices and Quality of Service

Before choosing a car shipping service, compare prices and the quality of service offered by various companies. Car transport companies usually require certain information up front before giving a total price. Be sure you can provide the following information before contacting companies.

a. desired destination
b. type of vehicle (include size and approximate weight)
c. desired departure date
d. type of service desired such as terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door services

To compare quality of service, ask if the company can provide previous customer references and also check with the Better Business Bureau to be sure there are no major complaints against the company. Ask each car transport company to detail the services they provide and the policies that are in place to ensure safe deliveries.

While comparing prices, also ask about each company’s required method of payment. Some companies might require a deposit or full payment up front for car shipping, while others might only charge upon delivery.

2. Read the Entire Contract

Before signing a car shipping contract, read it thoroughly and be sure you understand every section. The contract will usually include policies concerning transport, any costs you’ll incur if you cancel your shipment, how complaints are handled, etc. Also, many car transport companies will not promise pick up or delivery on a certain date. This may also be specified in your contract.

3. Insurance for Car Shipping

Insurance is extremely important in car transport because cars are usually delivered by truck on the open highway or by ship across the ocean. Accidents do occur sometimes, and when they do, vehicles that are being transported can get damaged severely. The company should verify the insurance they offer in writing. The company’s insurance might be primary or secondary to your own insurance. Ask to be sure which type of insurance is offered. The insurance should cover car theft as well. Check with your own insurance agent to see if car transit is covered under your policy.

4. Original Inspection Report for Car Shipping

Obtain an Original Inspection Report before leaving your car with a transport company. This report details the condition of your car before you leave it. It includes mileage, pre-existing dents or scratches, condition of the paint, the interior’s condition, any cracked glass, condition of the tires, etc. Having this report will protect you from false claims if your car gets damaged. When the car reaches its destination, the car should be checked thoroughly using this report as a guide.

5. Complaints and Disputes

Most car shipping experiences are pleasant, but sometimes things go wrong. If you feel the company has not provided adequate customer service for your car delivery needs, try to work things out with the company first. Most reputable companies are more than willing to work with you, which is why it’s so important to select a trustworthy company from the start. If you have tried your best to settle the dispute directly with the company with no progress, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in the area where the transport company’s main office is located.

Car shipping is a great way to move your car from one location to the next if you choose the right company for the job. Use the checklist above to ensure a safe car delivery.

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