Shipping your business goods to another country can be a challenging experience to say the least. A lot of Canadian businesses do not try to sell their goods in Europe or other countries due to the time, cost, resources and hassles associated with getting your product shipped to another country. At MSP Shipping just like you are the specialist in your trade or business, we are the commercial shipping pros. We have over 30 years of experience helping Canadian businesses discover, successfully develop and maintain new markets in countries 1oo’s or 1000’s of miles away. We provide complete A to Z service right from pickup of business cargo from your door to delivery to the door of your new client half way around the world. This includes, pickup, packing, logistics documentation, warehousing, loading, customs clearance, unloading and delivery to your client in a timely and efficient manner. This comprehensive service is provided to our clients regardless of the size and mode of their shipment. You can choose from anyone of our following shipping services and receive the same high quality service that has no parallel in the shipping industry. Click the following link to find out more about commercial shipping.



Air Freight

Your Single Source for Air Freight Services Worldwide to meet your promise with your client, you need an air freight service that is flexible and can be easily customized to meet the ever changing needs of your clients on the other side of the world.



You understand your product and we understand the different customs requirements in other countries it needs to meet in order to reach your client without costing you time, money or worse your client.



Choose ocean freight for large heavy shipments when cost saving is most desired by your clients. Just because it is economical compared to other freight service options does not mean your clients do not deserve excellent customer service and delivery options. We will provide visibility of your shipment by tracking and keep you and your client informed of any tips that will make getting your product to your client safe and sound.


Door to Door Freight Delivery

Your product needs to be picked up right from your place of business and delivered to your client’s door. Regardless of the type of service you choose we can make it happen. All you have to do is pickup the phone and call us and we will do the rest for you so you can go back to running and growing your business.

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